ZZ Top - TV Dinners (1983)

ZZ Top - TV Dinners (1983)

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1983 was pretty much the year for ZZ Top, and it all came down to 3 things. 1 - Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill grew out ridiculously long beards, while Frank Beard cranked the irony up to 11 by keeping his chin shaved. 2 - MTV was wildly popular, and the videos ZZ Top made for this album hit the sweet spot by combining an awesome hot rod car with gorgeous women, cool looking guitars, and the above-mentioned beards. 3 - Billy Gibbons produced basically a solo album featuring himself on vocals and guitar, and programmed drums, bass and keyboards, but released it as a ZZ Top album, bringing the group the biggest success of their career! The video for this song skipped the women and cars, in favor of an alien / monster springing to life from a microwaved frozen meal, or TV Dinner, eats the snacks the unsuspecting human had out, and makes sure the TV stays on the ZZ Top performance. I'm pretty sure he'll come out of hiding if you try to click away from this video without finishing it, too! :D Like it? Subscribe! Follow me at https://facebook.com/DJMikeBrady I don't own any of the rights associated with this music, I simply share so that it will be heard. #PlayingRecords #NeedleDrop #RecordCollection

dinners   (1983)   1983   pretty   much   year   top   came   down   things.   billy   gibbons   dusty   hill   grew   ridiculously   long   beards   while   frank   beard   cranked   irony   keeping   chin   shaved.   wildly   popular   videos   made   this   album   sweet   spot   combining   awesome   with   gorgeous   women   cool   looking   guitars   above-mentioned   beards.   produced   basically   solo   featuring   himself   vocals   guitar   programmed   drums   bass   keyboards   released   album   bringing   group   biggest   success   their   career!   video   song   skipped   women   cars   favor   alien   monster   springing   life   from   microwaved   frozen   meal   dinner   eats   snacks   unsuspecting   human   out   makes   sure   stays   performance.   i'm   he'll   come   hiding   click   away   without   finishing   too!   like   subscribe!   follow   https://facebook.com/djmikebrady   don't   rights   associated   music   simply   share   that   will   heard.   #playingrecords   #needledrop   #recordcollection   music   vinyl   records   dj   turntable   80s   1983   billy gibbons   eliminator  

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